Can You Wear Gold and Silver Accessories Together?

Accessories can either make or break an outfit, but with the right piece you’re sure to complete a stunning wardrobe. Fashion mishaps often happen with either the wrong choice of style, wrong color combination, mismatched wardrobe, and mismatched accessories. The common (and old) rule for accessories or jewelry is to never wear gold and silver jewelry together. But with the trend nowadays, a lot of women are seen wearing gold with silver bangles… Read More

Is Gold Or Platinum Or Silver The Best Jewelry Option?

Do you know the gold and silver prices? To be honest, most people have no clue as to which precious metal they should invest in when it comes to buying jewelry and it’s easy to see why. You have three great options in gold, platinum and silver and they can all appear very impressive. However, which is the best for you in terms of jewelry? Maybe it would help you if you learned.. Read More

Five Simple Gold Tests How to Tell YOU If Gold Is Real

“All that glitters is not gold,” says popular wisdom. In fact, some things are not quite what they seem. That wonderful ring that the showcase displays, for example: even if the seller swears it is precious metal, it may well be an elaborate forgery. So, how to know if a ring is gold? We know that the gold and silver prices never stop going up, so knowing the truth is always a very.. Read More

What Is The Difference Between 24K, 22K And 18K Gold?

Gold and silver prices vary considerably and while you might think it’s easy enough to value them, it’s not always. Remember, gold and silver are pricy at times but they can also be stunning investment pieces for those who want something for the future. However, for most people they don’t actually understand the differences between 24K, 22K and 18K gold. Are there any differences between these things? Well, yes, there are slight differences.. Read More

6 Factors To Consider When Selling or Buying Gold

Buying Gold

In 2008 when the global economy took a nose dive, something strange happened. While the prices of bonds, stocks, and other investments were plummeting, the price of gold was going upward. Gold suddenly became a haven for investors, especially in troubled times. Nevertheless, buying gold has its ups and downs. The pointers below will help you navigate the rowdy storms and improve your chance of success. Factors To Consider When Buying Or Selling.. Read More

The ultimate benefits of buying gold bars

Gold has dependably made them inadequacy that gold bears point to with eagerness and for which price of silver per ounce have no counterargument. Gold creates no profit and no wage. It is, viably, a dead resource or, in being more liberal, it’s a sleeping resource. In reality as we know it where financing costs permit customary wage ventures, for example, CDs, securities and currency market advantages for commencement pay for which speculators.. Read More

How to Clean Gold Jewelry

  Buying gold jewelry has really become very popular over the last few decades and it’s quite easy to see why. Gold is a lovely and very precious metal and it looks utterly fantastic as well. However, gold is also very popular simply because of the potential value it holds. Everyone wants a nice little investment for the future and real gold jewelry can be that potential investment. The only issue is how.. Read More

Gold And Silver Prices This Week: Strong Advance Continues

The gold and silver prices proceeded with their solid advances this week on overall place of refuge buying in the midst of fears of proceeded with aftermath in the EU post-Brexit. Gold rose in most worldwide monetary standards, including a stellar 4.2% ascent as estimated in the British pound to 1,056. How? Theoretical monetary financial specialists are likewise wagering on further rising gold and silver prices, net long positions in both being expanded.. Read More

Moissanite vs Diamond: Which is Better?

Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend, but have you met moissanite? Moissanite is a jeweler’s best kept secret because it looks just like a diamond, but can be bought at a much lower price. So, between moissanite vs diamond, which one is better? What exactly is moissanite? Before we jump into comparing the two precious stones, we should get to know moissanite a little better. This mineral was first discovered.. Read More

I Don’t Like My Engagement Ring… What Do I Do?

I don’t think many women openly admit to disliking their engagement ring. The love of your life just asked you to spend the rest of your lives together and the elation from that question stuns you temporarily that it’s not until the buzz wears off that you pay attention to the ring he proposed with. At this point, he thinks he’s just made you the happiest woman in the world, but you’re slightly.. Read More

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