Buying gold jewelry has really become very popular over the last few decades and it’s quite easy to see why. Gold is a lovely and very precious metal and it looks utterly fantastic as well. However, gold is also very popular simply because of the potential value it holds. Everyone wants a nice little investment for the future and real gold jewelry can be that potential investment. The only issue is how to clean it? Usually, gold doesn’t tarnish but dirt can still accumulate over time. Read on to find out more about cleaning gold jewelry at home without the hefty expensive of jewelry cleaners.

The Simple Method to Clean Gold Jewelry

First of all, you will require a few basic items such as warm water and washing up detergent. Yes, you did read that right! So, take a small bowl and pour warm water into the bowl. Next, you need to add your washing up or liquid detergent and mix together. Place your jewelry into the bowl and leave to soak for around ten or fifteen minutes. Take a new soft toothbrush and gently clean the jewelry piece, getting into new nook. Once you have done this, all you have to do is to rinse the jewelry with cool water and leave to dry. The gold price for the piece could really be impressive if you clean it up properly.

An Alternative Method Solution

If you have club soda to hand, it would be a great idea to use this instead of regular water. The reason why is simply because the carbonated element of the soda can help to loosen up the dirt from the jewelry which makes them far simpler to clean. This is really quite important to remember and in all honesty, it’ll make it a lot easier as well. If you’re buying gold, you have to remember, proper maintenance is a crucial element to keep the piece in tip-top condition. Cleaning doesn’t have to take long however and it can help to bring the shine back to the jewelry as well.

Cleaning Gold with Precious Stones

If you have a gold ring for example with a ruby or diamond, you absolutely must take extra care. You cannot use hot water for cleaning and you have to be careful when using any cleaning materials too. If you are a little worried about cleaning a jewelry piece with a precious stone, you may want to think about going to a professional. I know, this may cost a little but it could be worth it so that you don’t clean too hard and knock a stone out. Gold jewelry can be wonderful but when you have precious stone you really do need to be extremely careful.

Clean Carefully

When it comes to cleaning any type of jewelry you really do need to approach this with a wise head. Jewelry can look strong but be incredibly easy to break and you don’t want this to happen as it means repairing and sometimes, it just isn’t possible. That is why you really need to approach cleaning with care and look into the best methods. Gold price can look good but if you damage your piece, you’ll regret it. Now more why ?


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