“All that glitters is not gold,” says popular wisdom. In fact, some things are not quite what they seem. That wonderful ring that the showcase displays, for example: even if the seller swears it is precious metal, it may well be an elaborate forgery. So, how to know if a ring is gold? We know that the gold and silver prices never stop going up, so knowing the truth is always a very good idea when it comes to buying jewelry.

Picking real jewels only

It can also occur from you winning a supposedly gold ring – as an inheritance or for some other reason. Knowing if you are dealing with an authentic jewel is important in determining your real value and justifying maintaining it as part of your family equity. Normally, to have a precise answer, it is best to turn to a reliable jeweler. However, it may happen that we do not have the time to get specialized help – and no, professionals on this field also work with buying gold bars so they know what they are talking about and will charge you for that. In such situations, we have to work things out for ourselves. So let us now present some tips on how to tell if a ring is gold itself. Follow:

Check the vendor’s reputation

Knowing who you are buying is a good starting point. If you have had positive experiences with the supplier, you know you can trust him. After all, a relationship has already been established and nobody likes to lose customers. On the other hand, the ring you are interested in may come from a different vendor. From an unknown site, in both cases, look for references and also know the gold and silver prices so you know if the price is ok or above average.

If you are a web provider, search: see if there are any comments dishing out the conduct of the seller or if there are complaints about him on sites such as the Claim Here. And be aware of the policy of exchanging and / or canceling purchases on the page. Remember: You have the right to repent and request a refund. Also see if the product has a warranty certificate. This is one more way to make sure you have a fix for an unsuccessful purchase.

Plan B : If you want to check it at home

Soak the ring in a bowl of water

A gold ring has a good density. This means that the item will sink if placed in a container with water. If it floats, it is probably fake gold.

However, to get accuracy in a density test, you first need to weigh the material. Then immerse the piece in a clear container marked with milliliters on the side. Write down the water level, and then how much the water rose when depositing the ring into the bottle. Subtract the first value by the second. Then, divide the weight of the ring by the amount of milliliters the metal has displaced. Therein lays its density. Check here.

Rub the ring on a rough surface

Another practical procedure, but a bit radical: rub the ring on some rough surface. The idea is to test the resistance of the metal to abrasion. If the action damages the piece, we have an imitation. The gold, for its part, should remain intact. One variation of this test is that of the ceramic dish. Scratch the surface of the dish with the ring and see the result: if you leave a black stain on the pottery, it is fake; if you take a golden risk, rejoice: it is gold.

Make sure you always check gold and silver prices before making any business though, as it can save you a lot of money and time!

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