During the past years due to the global financial market crisis the popularity of gold and gold stocks have increased. Many investors focus on buying gold bars but still few investors are not aware of this investment. They don’t know why and how to buy gold as an investment and what are the methods of buying gold bars. The key to understandi is that you first need to know the difference between a gold investment and other investment. After having a clear understanding of both investments, make the

final decision according to your needs.

1.Remember that gold has a long history as currency:

Historically gold has been used as a currency for the longer period of time than any other substance. Many nations considered gold as the ideal currency during 19th and 20th centuries. Most conventional investors still keep that importance of gold in mind and believe that gold can again become a basis of currency.

• Throughout the Great Depression most important financial nations of the world tried to cut their currency ties to the gold standard.

• We can observer that all the modern world currencies are flat currencies. Flat currency means that the issuing government has guaranteed of their value.

2.Understand why gold may be a good investment:

Gold can prove a good investment in many ways. Gold and silver prices change but the price of these precious metals is set by supply and demand forces, not due to currency valuations or market declines as a whole. Gold can act as safety net at the time of high inflation when it threatens to your savings and bottom outs of the market. It is also helpful during deflation and bad economies. So gold is considered as a good hedge.

3.Understand why gold may be a bad investment:

Now the investors think that gold is neither a safe investment not the best hedge.

• Some believe that when the currencies lose value or market declines then at that time the demand for gold does not rise. The demand for gold rises primarily due to those investors who rush to buy it because they expect that its price will rise in future.

• Historically it’s evident that it didn’t perform well in times of rigorous inflation and market decline. Some investors expect that it would become a currency during economic collapse while some believe that invest in guns, seeds or other antibiotics than investing in gold.check more investment of gold straight from this source.

• There is not a guaranteed return if you choose buying gold bars or other related items. But if you choose some stocks and securities then you can make profit out of them.

4.Know what factors affect the value of gold:

Critics are always there to say a lot of things. Gold purchases have always been a popular instrument for investors. You will also find some factors that are likely to affect the price of gold.

Gold purchases

• During the economic depression the investors sell their gold in the market for cash. Due to this reason the supply of gold increases while the demand decreases. This all brings the lower prices of gold in the market.learn more information at http://www.marketwatch.com/story/china-is-about-to-come-clean-about-how-much-gold-it-really-owns-2015-04-27

• Sometimes investors demand for gold increases due to national crisis or wars. Trend for buying gold bars increase due to large fear of currency depreciation.

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