Do you know the gold and silver prices? To be honest, most people have no clue as to which precious metal they should invest in when it comes to buying jewelry and it’s easy to see why. You have three great options in gold, platinum and silver and they can all appear very impressive. However, which is the best for you in terms of jewelry? Maybe it would help you if you learned a little more about each. Why don’t you read on to find out more?

Silver Is Most Affordable

Gold and silver prices are stable for the moment and in truth silver is a nice commodity to invest in, even in silver jewelry. However, silver is far more affordable than say gold is right now and it can be very more appealing than before. Silver jewelry can look great and even though it can be tarnished it can be cleaned with some simple solutions to help bring back its original shine. Silver is a nice and worthy option to consider when you want to invest in jewelry and it’s one which is more affordable.

Gold Is Usually Mixed

To be honest, gold is a very impressive metal and certainly one which can cost a lot of money too. However, what you need to understand is that since gold is very useful for most jewelry pieces. Unfortunately pure gold is often soft and using it in jewelry can be tricky which is why more often than not it’s mixed with other elements such as copper or other metals. It’s not something you would think of when it comes to gold but it is often the case. Gold and silver prices are fairly decent at the moment and there is a lot of quality in gold too, especially as in an investment. However, it’s a little more expensive than silver which is often troublesome for investors.

Platinum Doesn’t Tarnish

What you need to know about platinum is that it isn’t something which can be tarnished easily so that makes it a lot more appealing than say silver. However, it’s a lot rarer than gold and silver combined and it’s also far heavier as well. So let’s say you purchased a platinum ring, it will be far heavier than silver or gold which is really quite unique to say the least. Gold and silver prices right now are fairly decent but platinum prices are also fairly decent as well so it’s worth looking at platinum too.

Which Should You Buy?

It’s hard to say which the best is when it comes to jewelry as they can all make extremely viable jewelry pieces. However, depending on how much you have to spend platinum might be the way to go. It’s strong, heavy and rarer than say gold and silver but it’s also valuable as well, although it might not be as valuable as gold. Gold is a nice option and more popular for wedding rings and silver is popular for necklaces and bracelets. In the end the choice comes down to personal preferences. Gold and silver prices are good now but as an investment it should be more about what’s viable as a long term option.See more here:

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