How to Find out if Jewelry is Gold Plated

Jewelry is crafted from a wide variety of different materials, each adding a different look and feel to the piece. Sometimes it’s really hard to distinguish a luxurious piece of jewelry from a constructed fake. If you’re planning on selling some of the jewelry you’ve been holding onto, you might need to check gold and silver prices, as the percentage of actual minerals within the jewelry will determine the selling price. Look for.. Read More

How to Acquire Gold Bars? Make Safe Your Wealth in the Best Possible Way

Acquire Gold Bars

Do you know that gold is the world’s safest money than any legal tender? The ground behind is that it offers features and benefits in number of ways to the buyers and investors. The advantage of buying gold bars as well as silver bars is that these metals are not affected by economic issues prevailing in the country such as inflation, interest rates and deflation etc. Instead gold and silver prices show a.. Read More

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