Millions continue to look for silver for sale as it’s an affordable commodity and is widely used in household items and jewelry. Silver remains a popular choice for millions as it’s a durable and comes in many forms. You can buy silver homeware, coins, and many more things in-between. However, silver can also become an investment option for those who have limited funds. It’s a nice idea, however, most people are torn between 925 silver and Sterling silver. So, what’s the difference between the two, and which is worth investing in?

The Only Difference Is in The Name

A lot of people are fooled into believe 925 silver and Sterling silver are two different forms of silver, but that’s untrue. Sterling silver and 925 are both made from 92.5% silver with a 7.5% alloy mix. Usually, the alloy mix contains nickel, zinc, and copper; however, both forms of silver are the exact same. Sometimes, the silver content is higher but it’s standard to have the silver levels at 92.5%, hence the name 925. While the price of silver varies, prices for Sterling silver pieces tend to fetch a higher price. Usually, this is down to how old the silver piece is. Read more!

Always Look for Hallmarks When Buying Silver

If you ever want to invest in silver, then you need to ensure the piece you’re buying is genuine. For example, most genuine Sterling silver tea sets will have some form of hallmark on it. In some instances, some silver pieces may have additional hallmarks relating to its manufacturer and its age. These are essential to look for so that you can determine how genuine the piece is. If you’re looking for silver for sale, you must ensure it’s genuine. Of course, some pieces may only have 925 stamped on it, depending on the size of the item, such as a bracelet.

The Price of Silver Continues to Fluctuate

As said, 925 and Sterling silver are identical; both can be an ideal investment option to consider. However, it’s important to understand that silver prices vary considerably. In recent months, silver prices have skyrocketed and are selling for the highest price in years. That does mean silver for sale may be priced at a higher cost; fortunately, that doesn’t mean to say silver should be avoided. Silver remains a popular commodity to invest in and can be an excellent choice too. However, silver prices will continue to fluctuate. Click here for further details:

Silver Is the Ideal Investment Solution

Sterling and 925 silver are great forms of silver, but they aren’t pure silver. Of course, pure silver – 999 silver that is – is a little more expensive to purchase. That doesn’t mean to say Sterling silver isn’t a nice commodity to invest in. However, investment value may not be as high as other forms of silver; but can continue to be a good addition to any portfolio, nonetheless. And there are lots of Sterling and 925 silver pieces to purchase. Always look at the price of silver before parting with money and buy at the best price possible.

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