Cartier’s Crash Watch is Back on the Market


The Cartier Crash watch has reappeared this year. The origination of this watch has much speculation as Cartier was very secretive when it came to their ideas. Some people believe the Crash watch was inspired by a Cartier classic that was deformed due to a blazing car crash. The remains of the watch melted almost beyond recognition, but sparked a creative design in the mind of Jean-Jacques Cartier. However, according to the manager of Cartier London (circa 1989-1996), the true story is that the watch was created as a result of the designer experimenting with the marriage of two existing designs – the Maxi Oval and Oblique. The watch was meant to be a unique design for actor Stewart Granger, who requested to have a watch “unlike any other”.

Regardless of the origination of the watch, it has become quite sought after and regarded as a collectors piece due to the limited production of the timepiece. This watch is currently available for women on the Cartier website, but won’t last long as they’ve limited the creation of the timepiece to 267.

Timepiece Trends for Men

Customize your Timepiece


There was a time when engraving watches was the thing to do, but today you can do more than engrave your name to the back of a watch plate. Farer now gives you the flexibility to change your straps and Bamford Watch Department is willing to customize your high-end watches such as Rolex.

Bigger isn’t Always Better


Looks like size does matter, but this year it seems smaller is better. Co-founder of Farer, Paul Sweetenham, says, “It’s best to stay under 42mm.” It seems like a classic look is the way to go this year.

White Gold’s the New Silver


Seems like men are gravitating towards a more masculine metal this year. White gold has been in high demand for wrist watches lately and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Techno-Savvy Timepieces


Google and Apple may not have had the desired effect on fashion as they’d hoped, but brands such as TAG Huer have revived the smartwatch.

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Timepiece Trends for Women

Three categories make up the timepiece trends for women this year. Which one fits your style?




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