Which should you buy more of, gold or Sterling silver jewelry? Isn’t gold better because it’s worth more? To be honest, a lot of people love the idea of buying gold jewelry pieces and it’s understandable why gold is so popular. Unfortunately, there are issues over buying gold; for starters it’s not cheap and the prices are constantly fluctuating, and it’s not the easiest metal to get your hands on either. Silver does seem to be the logical alternative, and despite your reservations, it’s not the worst thing you can invest in. So, what are the top reasons to stock more Sterling silver jewelry?

A Fraction of the Price of Gold

Gold or Silver Jewelry is a wonderful gift to give, and for thousands, they love the idea of buying something with meaning behind it. Unfortunately, it’s not everyone who can afford a necklace made out of pure gold, and that’s where silver comes into play. What you may not realize is that silver is far more affordable than what gold is. For example, you may see a 24kt gold necklace for sale at $3000, but a 9.25 silver necklace at the same retailer for less than $900. Depending on where you shop, you can pick up real silver jewelry for only a few dollars; and that’s why you should be stocking more silver. It doesn’t cost as much as gold but still looks as nice.

Easier To Maintain

Jewelry needs to be maintained. It must be cleaned, polished and maintain so that is doesn’t tarnish over the years. However, sterling silver is a lot easier to maintain than other precious metals, including gold. There isn’t much work that goes into cleaning the jewelry, or even maintaining for the short or long-haul, and that’s why it’s in demand today. Whether you’re a buyer or fine jewelry or a seller, you should be stocking more sterling silver simply because it’s a nice and simple item to have. It’s something which more people want because they know it’ll last a lifetime without having to put in a lot of effort to maintain it.

Sterling Silver Is In Demand

As said above, people cannot afford gold or platinum because they’re expensive and it’s not everyone who is able to spend thousands (or even hundreds) on one jewelry piece. Sellers need to realize that silver is very much in demand by the public; and buyers have to understand silver is a solid investment piece too. It’s not just a great anniversary present, but a real investment for the future. Silver is affordable, and it’s also versatile and more accessible than before.

The Way Forward

Gold and silver are in constant demand, but it’s not everyone who can logically afford to buy gold. Sellers of fine jewelry must understand that stocking up on gold for customers mightn’t always be the best solution for them, as only a select few may be able to afford. However, Sterling silver might be the better alternative to ensure they aren’t priced out the market. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, silver jewelry is a smart option to look into. See about Sterling Silver Jewelry: https://www.jewelry-auctioned.com/.


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